Review in a beautiful blog of memoirs by Clemochka

A blogger who writes beautifully about memories of her time in Russia, where sh e lives now and the odd  connected event. Honoured that “New Years day is black” inspired her writing

Page from "New Years day is black"Nicky may have felt powerless at the hands of abusers in her own childhood but in this book she makes her own rules: the story is not in boxes like in many graphic novels – there are crossings out, different drawing styles, and each of her 3 sons also have a contribution, immediately following a page on which they are all born.

Cerys on radio 6 just right for launch of Re-imagine Your Town


Next week we begin transforming g a vacant shop on Penryn high street in the “Re-imagine your town” community studio .

Listening to Cerys Mathews on BBC radio 6 is the perfect warm up

It’s all about Architecture , planning and community.

Next week we start distributing the info to get the word out.  Inviting residents of Penryn to populate a virtual map with their memories , observations and visions, over the month of October.  Spread the news and contact us to get involved.

We need volunteers for the community studio and people who would like to train as digital scribers for the community to “Re-imagine their town: as it is, as it was, as it could be



New years day is black

InterAnima are overjoyed to announce the publication of New years day is Black . We  helped  Nicky Loutit turn her extraordinary manuscript into a format ready to approach to  publishers

The visionary publisher who took the book on is Henry Layte and is his imprint Propolis based at The Book Hive in Norwich.  They launch the book  this Friday 23rd September at Daunt bookshop London.

Check this review from   Eimear McBride , Author of  “A girl is a Half-Formed Thing”

InterAnima first impact on publishingRight from the start I found it completely gripping. Beautiful and horrifying… The human story had me at its beck and call the whole way through – utterly extraordinary. The evocation of that very particular loneliness irrelevant children feel was almost unbearable: Congratulations to Nicky Loutit for making work out of the terrible.

Eimear McBride  


So from the southern tip  of this island ( Cornwall) over to it’s eastern edge ( Norfolk) this exceptionally beautiful graphic novel  is sees the light in London! and  on sale now from Propolis

Propolis, in many ways like the less established InterAnima , specialise in idiosyncratic works which may not be able to find a home in the more commercially driven  market. Cheers to Henry Layte  for taking another risk that worked , Nicky for writing /painting such a profoundly moving and brave  book and last but not least lucy Kerr a Graduate from the MA in Authorial illustration who  InterAnima employed on the  graduate placement. She worked with the sensitivity , creativity and diligence necessary for such a project . We look forward to working with her again on Nicky next book.

For now support a wonderful publisher Propolis &  Nicky Loutit by sharing this news and buying a copy of  the first edition.  But buy straight from Propolis not from Amazon!