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We are a community interest company –

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Using interdisciplinary arts to animate the stories that need to be told. Celebrating individual expression & Breathing life into community led positive solutions
We welcome collaboration.  In addition to our board of directors we work with different organisations and individuals.
Creative Director
Becalelis brodskis
Becalelis brodskis

I am an animation artist with a mixed cultural heritage. Born in London , lived and worked in France , Spain, Argentina. I’m now based in Cornwall. My films have been selected at international festivals such as Sundance , Annecy and Oberhausen, I have produced for other renowned artists and worked extensively in education as a lecturer, head of department as well as community arts projects . I bring the same dedication, passion and rigour to facilitating others in achieving their aims as I do to creating my own work. For me animation is more than a tool for filmmaking it is a way of seeing and exploring the world in which we live to develop the creative solutions that we need. This is why I set up InterAnima to become a home for collaboration across disciplines using animation as a starting point.

Company Director
Maria Christoforidou

I was born in Zambia, grew up in Greece and have spent most of my adult life in the UK apart from a small but radical residency in Spain. The insoluble differences of these environments are powerful incentives toward theory. Theory* has allowed me the freedom to be personal and the gift of questioning the norm. Art of any form has been an entry point, a boat in the vast sea of theory. Perhaps these ‘insoluble differences’ are also the reason that I cant’ help thinking in metaphors and similes. There is always something, somewhere or someone else involved.

My sustained concern with questions of difference, change, oppositions and collaborations has developed alongside an investigation into the operation of language, its historical specificity and etymology set against its use. Truly joining forces with others in this project has fortified what lies in the core of all my endeavors: a desire to invite a change of perception. New ways of thinking, new points of view new personas, new planes of action that don’t cancel out each other so can be inhabited all at once.

Apart from agonising over words and sentences, I am investigating ideas surrounding visual essays, the ‘performing’ of art history and the documentation of performance.

*I like reading post something theories, post -educational, feminist, colonial, structuralist etc

creative partner


ruth.pethybridgeRuth Pethybridge is a dance artist, choreographer and facilitator. She has delivered dance in diverse settings with all ages: from babies to the elderly and everything in between. Her practice emphasises creativity in choreographic processes, finding ways to form people’s unique choices and ways of moving into performance work. She joined Falmouth University as a lecturer in 2013 and continues to research for a practice based PhD. Previous projects have included working with Oxford Youth Dance, Anjali Dance Company, Big Dance London and Pegasus Theatre, and in roles such as education coordinator for Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company. In 2008 Ruth facilitated the first Age Inclusive National College for Community Dance course for the Foundation for Community Dance, and authored the corresponding handbook. In 2011 Ruth worked alongside Rosemary Lee as rehearsal director on Square Dances for London festival Dance Umbrella. Ruth continues to practice as an independent dance artist alongside her lecturing work for Falmouth.

Company Director
Susannah Shaw
Susannah Shaw

I am an experienced director, curator and consultant with over twenty five years experience in the animation, training and broadcast industry. I led on the development and subsequently directed Animated Exeter  for 15 years. Several years spent working at Aardman Animations and for the BBC (and C4 and ITV) have reinforced my instinct for quality and instilled an eye for talent.