Flying Fish at the crossroads of Penryn

We are looking for the talented person who made this fantastic collage

It was made at one of the Re-imagine Your Town Collage workshop called Now and Then,  led by Maria Christoforidou last October 2016.  It has been selected out of all the beautiful works to be made in to a 3D CGI model to be placed into the virtual reality map of Penryn.

Inspiration for the future
Inspiration for the future
Please spread the word around, sharing this on face book

If you know who did  Please don’t post who it is here but send us an email at [email protected] . Being that they did not put their name to the work they may want to remain anonymous but we want to contact them for permission to turn it into a postcard for the next Re-imagine your Town Event

We will be running  another Re-imagine pop up event soon .

The date and location TBC but looking like late April 2017. In the mean time the Team of volunteers are working on building the map with all your comments built into it. If you would like to work on the project  please get in touch.