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The Penryn WI knitted cows Animating “Cynthia’s Memories come to life !

WI , inspired by a memory of  Cynthia, their oldest member ( of over 90 ) came to animate. They came with Cows they had knitted relating to Cynthia’s Memory. Cynthia had recalled how aged five a  bull from a herd of cows a coming off the train , had run lose round  Penryn. An experience she had enjoyed watching and returned the next week to be disappointed it didn’t happen again

WI animating knitted cows

The WI team  took to animation working like a pro team from Aardman. Here is their first Cow stampede that Bec from Interanima will then assist them to overlay on an old Image of Penryn High street later on


Really loved today.

Son et Lumiere workshops day 02

Animated  Sunday on the high street of Penryn .  Here is a quickly compiled overview  of some of animations /  line tests created today.  Ideas beginning to bubble for Penryn 800 event “Son et Lumiere”

Ok so you may ask “how do some of these loops link to the 800 years of Penryn  ….?  What I love about creativity is it brings up the unexpected, a conversation begins , For example …A clown was drawn by a visitor to Penryn ,as an excercise but then I thought actually there is a circus school in town, led by a clown, plants/flowers a have grown and butterflys have flown and Mackerel swim in the estuary.

Apart from anything some beautiful work to build on. Spread the word and join in . All week in the Yellow house on Penryn High st making work for the forthcoming Luxmuralis event  We’ve had a lovely mix of ages and some real talent developing.

Son et Lumiere workshops day 01

A bit behind schedule we set up in the Yellow house, turning one of the empty shops on Penryn High st into a busy Pop up Community media studio .  Over the day people dropped by and tried out different hands on animation techniques. Also some beautiful cut out puppet making  that I look forward to seeing animated later on in the week  .  Loved this  line test of animated Typography of Penryn made by Daisy (13) new to animation.  Clearly a talent.   We continue through the week. Pop in, book a slot and animate